Siam Curry

Entrees are served with jasmine rice & your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu. For shrimp, add $3.99. Substitute fried rice or brown rice for $2.99

Panang Curry
Famous Thai curry in coconut milk with bell pepper, mushroom, sweet peas & lime leaves.
Yellow Curry
Delicious curry spiced with onion, cilantro, potato & carrots in coconut milk.
Red Curry
Bell pepper, bamboo, fresh basil simmered in coconut milk & your choice of meat.
Green Curry
Fresh cut green beans, bamboo, wild lime leaves simmered in coconut milk with unique Thai basil.
Pumpkin Curry
Chunks of fresh pumpkin simmered in Panang curry paste with coconut milk, basil & fresh red & green bell peppers. This entree is sure to please all curry lovers!