Delicate Seafood

The most entrees are served with jasmine rice, substituted fried rice or brown rice for $2.99

Thai Pescatore Seafood Pasta
A delicious blend of shellfish & pasta. The freshest, most flavorsome succulent prawns, mussels, calamari & scallops prepared to perfection, served with basil noodle with egg, onion, peppers & a hint of sriracha in a tempting Thai basil sauce.
Hong Kong Flounder
One of the most delicious Asian seafood dish. Plump flounder slightly seared & stir fried with celery, snow peas, water chestnut, carrots, scallion & pearl mushrooms in the dancing wok with an unique ginger wine sauce.
Pla Raad Prik Red Snapper
Pla = fish, Raad = pouring sauce, Prik = chili. Fire-grilled red snapper filets with sweet, sour, spicy & saltiness well balanced flavor glazed atop Thai rice noodles.
Spicy Basil Noodle Grouper
Grouper lightly battered, fried to perfection combined with flat noodles, egg, bell peppers, onion, sauteed with fresh Thai basil leaves. A must try!
Thai Cioppino Stew
A classic stew with a little bit of everything from the sea. Shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari & fish seasoned with an aromatic tomato wine sauce & a light touch of sriracha, Thai basil & parsley.
Lemongrass Prawns
Plump prawns sauteed in a exquisite freshly chopped lemongrass & red hot chili puree especially prepared by our chef. Served with jasmine rice.
Kung Pao Grouper
Lightly batter & seared fillet, topped with onion, bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, water chestnut, dry chili & peanuts in a Kung Pao brown sauce & jasmine rice.
Sizzling XO Salmon
Seasoned fresh cut salmon flame seared with XO Cognac to the unique flavor, served on a hot plate with jasmine rice
Lemon Butter Dill Halibut
Lightly seasoned & pan seared with squeezed lemon juice, a splash of Asian sake rice wine & fresh dill to the perfection, served atop Thai basil pasta with egg, onion & bell peppers.