Stir Fry

Signature Stir Fry

Entrees are served with jasmine rice & your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu. For shrimp, add $3.99. Substitute fried rice or brown rice for $2.99

Three Samurai Mushrooms
Japanese shiitake, Chinese button & Thai straw mushrooms mixed with fresh asparagus, your choice of meat & black pepper garlic zing.
Sesame Chicken
Crispy battered tenders tossed with sesame seeds in a tangy sweet & sour sauce.
Thai Chili Cashew
Bell pepper, chestnuts, carrot, celery & onion sauteed in roasted chili garlic sauce.
Pad Prik King
Strong & bold country style flavors made from fresh Thai herbs & sliced green beans sauteed with aromatic kaffir lime leaves.
Wok seared Asian eggplant with red & green bell pepper, fresh basil & onion in a hint of sriracha soy sauce.
Black Pepper Garlic
Freshly crushed garlic & black pepper seasoning over steamed fresh cabbage, carrots & broccoli with your choice of meat.
Kung Pao
Fire stirred scallions, bell pepper, squash roasted peanuts & sun-dried chilies in spicy brown sauce.
Asparagus Shiitake
Healing shiitake mushrooms & asparagus in a black pepper garlic zing.
Broccoli Stir
Classic version stir fried with tangy brown gravy & your choice of meat.
Wok's Mixed Green
Hearty healthy choice of fresh cut vegetable deluxe stir fried with lite soy sauce.
Gra Pow
This is a very spicy & delicious home style stir fry, the aromatic spiciness often makes your neighbor cry. Minced chicken breast sauteed in a spicy garlic sauce with jalapeno, onion, sliced green beans & fresh Thai basil.