Asian Fire Grill

Entrees are served with jasmine rice, substituted fried rice or brown rice for $2.99

Grilled Lamb Rack
Tender juicy grilled to perfect, seasoned with a black pepper herb, sea salt, drizzled with our signature sriracha raspberry chipotle sauce with grilled asparagus & pineapple fried rice.
Darling Duck
Tender duck breast grilled to a delectable, juicy perfection with spicy Thai basil rice & grilled asparagus.
Teriyaki Salmon
Fire grilled fresh fillet, wok fried rice, spring asparagus with zesty teriyaki sauce.
Crying Tiger Beef
Broiled sliced tender steak along with hot dip made with squeezed lime juice, tamarind & spicy Thai pepper, hot enough to make a tiger cry.
Teriyaki Mango Chicken
Marinated chicken, fire grilled with sweet mango in a zesty soy glaze & steamed broccoli.